KHA Global



With a reputation for high-quality services, with outstanding commitment to their clients, KHA Global is a leading provider of software consulting, training, and support services for the international legal environment.

With over two decades of experience, KHA has specialized in software services for many of the largest and most influential law firms in the world. Services focus on software migration, software skill building, software skill assessment programs, and general software consultation.

KHA consultants have multi-disciplinary backgrounds in areas in addition to software technical expertise, including project management, change management, adult education, and skill assessment. KHA consultants understand the business of law and the corresponding IT needs and requirements. They are held to rigorous standards; KHA clients frequently cite that services have exceeded their expectations.

The goal of the KHA team is to bring success to each project through responsible consulting based upon solid technology, proven programs, and dedicated support. With over 20 years of experience at law firms of all sizes in cities throughout the US, Asia and Europe, King, Herpel and Associates is an industry-recognized leader with a solid reputation for delivering top quality consulting services.