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The first Word User’s Group meeting was held in November at Microsoft’s office in Santa Monica.  During this first meeting, as a group, the meeting participants developed a list of the most pressing issues facing Law Firms relative to the use of Microsoft Word.  Based upon this, we defined our planned topics for upcoming meetings.  The overwhelming concern was  issues with the third-party product, CompareRite sold by Lexis-Nexis Corporation and issues with document conversion.

Accordingly, the agenda for the February meeting was a discussion and question-answer session with featured-speakers Ms. Liz Mason, Senior Director of Product Development for the Lexis-Nexis Corporation and Ms. Teresa Morris, of MicroSystems, the premier software engineers for document conversion cleanup. 

Meeting Details:

Date:  Friday, February 5, 1999

Location:  Offices of Latham & Watkins
First Interstate Building
633 West 5th Street, 6th Floor
Downtown Los Angeles