Microsoft Demos the New Version of Word!


On-hand at this meeting, to provide a demonstration of the new features  as they relate to a legal environment, was Gretchen Rivas, Microsoft System Engineer.  Ms. Rivas reviewed, among other things, the new paragraph numbering features, voice recognition, a “reveal codes” type feature, and completely revised document redlining function.  Some of the favorite enhancements (as per the group in attendance) included the ability to select multiple nonconsecutive blocks of text and “smart tags” that enable you to decide what formatting stays and/or goes when copying text from one document to another.

Several questions were asked which we promised would be answered on this web site.  Here they are:


Q: What happens when you use the style separator button in Word XP and open the doc in a prior version (2000 or 97)?---

A: It behaves as paragraph mark formatted as hidden.


Q: Have there been any changes to the filtering/conversion features when opening a WordPerfect document into Word?

A: Yes there have. A document outlining those will be coming out this summer and be available on Microsoft’s web site. In sum, the numbering is converted to ListNum fields for WordPerfect 5.x

documents,  and Word 97 style numbering for WordPerfect 6.x documents.


Q: Are any of the smart tag options associated with pasting text from one document into another the same as the "Paste Special Unformatted" feature in Word 2000?

A: Yes, the "keep text only" option is the same as Paste Special Unformatted



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Date:  Wednesday, May 2, 2001

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Don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a drawing for a free copy of Microsoft Office XP.  Microsoft will hold a drawing for ten certificates good for one copy of XP when it is released in June.  Please RSVP to the offices of King, Herpel and Associates by emailing us at or by calling us at (310) 636-4615.  We look forward to seeing you there! 


Holly A. King and Heidi L. Herpel

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