KHA Global

KHA specializes in software training and support in a legal environment. Our services include consultation and project planning for software deployments, end-user training, floor support, e-learning and IT support.

Services Include:

Consulting: Software solutions with emphasis on the end-user.

Project Design and Management:
Design and manage the implementation of a firm-wide software conversion.

End-User Training:
Firm-wide conversion training, skill-building training, and as-needed new-hire training.

IT Staff Training:
Train-the-trainer, train IT support staff.

Comprehensive courseware available for software applications.

International Training:
Training curriculums translated and taught in foreign languages.

Skill Assessment:
Assessment sessions and utilities to determine the skill level of users in different software applications.


Floor Support: Consultants that serve as floor walkers to assist users during a conversion period.

Help-Desk Staffing:
Temporary Help-Desk staffing to assist firms during transition periods.

End-user training materials, Procedure Guides, On-line Documentation.

Custom Macro Systems:
Macro/Template programs for law firms wishing to streamline document preparation and production.

Documentation Conversion Support:
Solutions for file conversion issues.

Software Distributor:
Authorized distributor of various legal software applications.