KHA Global



KHA Global offers specialized seminars related to software use in the legal environment. KHA Global will work with your firm to develop customized seminars to meet your needs and requirements.

Metadata for Lawyers: A one-and-a-half hour briefing on metadata in Microsoft Word documents.
Considerations for Implementation: A seminar for firms considering upgrading or changing to a new software system.
Software Comparison Seminars: Seminars for firms wishing to evaluate and compare features and benefits of software programs.
Troubleshooting Microsoft Word: A session designed for the in-house staff that supports Microsoft Word to cover specific issues and common problems in setup and use of Word.
Communication Skills for Help-Desk Staff: This seminar, often given in conjunction with other skill building sessions, gives the staff the necessary communication skills to deal effectively with support staff and attorneys in a customer service position.
Train the Legal Trainer: Advanced training and support techniques for training organizations facing the intricate demands of the legal community.
Understanding the Business of Law: Help-Desk and other IT Staff training to ensure the customer service staff understands the needs and requirements of the users. The session covers terminology, practice groups requirements, litigation needs, all with a focus toward IT support.
Document Forensics: Training seminar on how to analyze and obtain binary information on data files.